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Powerocks Super 2800mAh Magicstick Extended Battery

Like most people, your mobile phone is with you 24/7. It’s with you when you wake up, when you drive, when you’re at work or school, when you’re out with friends and it’s with you when you sleep. Sometimes you may not have the time or place to charge your phone, especially when you’re constantly using your phone throughout the day. I find myself needing to charge my phone halfway into the day and I don’t have time to sit with my phone while it’s charging, I decided to try out a portable battery/charger.  I found a battery extender called Powerocks Super Magicstick for approximately $40.00 from a store nearby called Wireless Wave.

Powerocks Super Magicstick is 3.6 inches (9.1 cm) long by 0.9 inches (2.3 cm) diameter aluminum body with a weighs of 2.6 ounces (74 grams). On one end there’s a USB and a Micro USB slot. The other is a button with a LED bulb in it, if the button is pressed it will light up a certain color based on the charge status. The Magicstick contains a 2800 mAh lithium ion battery which takes approximately 4 hours to charge.  It comes with a small Micro USB to USB cord and a small carrying bag. This Magicstick is compatible with most small recharge devices that use USB for charging.  The Magicstick is available in six different colors: black, blue, red, purple, yellow and white.

The company claims that it’s able to fully charge most smartphones twice before the Magicstick needs recharging. Now my smartphone has a 2300 mAh Li-polymer battery so I can’t see my phone getting fully charged more than once. I predicted that I would see a 50% charge. I was curious so I decided to give the Magicstick three types of testing. First test, I will see how much of a charge it would give a complete drained smartphone with a 2300 mAh battery. Second test, while my phone battery life is at 15%, I will plug in the Magicstick after it’s fully charge and use the phone for 2 hours.  Last test, this will be a repeat of the second test expect my phone will be fully charged.

First Test: I made sure that the Magicstick was fully charged and that my smartphone was fully drained. I then plugged the Magicstick to my smartphone and I was instantly able to turn on my phone. I checked my phone every 15 minutes to see if my phone was fully charged or at what point it stopped charging. Like I said earlier, my prediction was that it would only charge my smartphone to 50%.  After 2 hours and 30 minutes, I noticed that the Magicstick was fully drained and my phone was 85% charged. I was very pleased with this result.

Second Test: Once my phone battery power was at 15%, I then plugged in the fully charged Magicstick and browsed the internet on my phone for 2 hours. I then unplugged the Magicstick and I noticed it gave a 5% percent charge to my phone and that the Magicstick had approximately 30% battery life left.

Third Test: I repeated the second test, except I did this when the phone was fully charged. After two hours of doing the same thing as before, the end result was different.  I noticed that my phone battery power was at 90% and that the Magicstick had approximately 30% battery life left.

After I completed the three different tests, I personally was pleased with the results. I know that the company claims that it can fully charge most smartphone twice, but what electronic device out there actually does what the company states it can do?  I had this device for less than a week and I already made good use of it. I definitely recommend the Magicstick for any of those who find themselves needing to charge their phone during the day and have the freedom to go anywhere with your phone while it’s charging.


Final Thoughts

Overall Score 3.7

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